Client: Naleighna Kai | Publisher: Macro Publishing Group  
Art Direction & Design: J.L. Woodson | Photography: Svyatoslava Vladzimirska
Naleighna Kai once again brings you deep, heartfelt emotion, beautifully crafted prose, and a dose of belly-laughing humor that is not to be missed in The Pleasure's All Mine!" L.A. Banks, New York Times Bestselling author
In this national bestseller, Raven’s son and her agent are both hell-bent on finding her the perfect man—even if she kills them. Their brilliant plan pairs her with Pierce, a handsome music industry mogul and the only man who's ever piqued her interest. Unfortunately, a long-awaited one-night rendezvous at The Castle to discover where her fantasies will take her, might turn out to be the costliest mistake of her entire life. 

Meanwhile, Pierce has his hands full putting out fires as fast as his shady business partner starts them. He hadn't been looking for love, but it finds him packaged in a voluptuous and fiery woman unlike any he's ever known. It doesn't bother him that Raven was tricked into meeting him, but when she lays down her relationship rules, then disappears into a mysterious place for a night she won't explain, Pierce realizes Ms. Right might be all wrong. 

Will that night at The Castle cost Raven the love of a lifetime?​​​​​​​
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